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Venture Speech

Green Venture Speech

Teaming up with clients across the lifespan to reduce communication barriers in life's daily ventures.

About Venture Speech

Venture speech therapy was created to support people that are looking to improve their communication success in all life's ventures. My mission is to target speech goals in FUNctional ways that address what communication skill and setting are meaningful to you.

Anyone else have challenges with sitting still? 🙋 As a late diagnosed ADHD neurodivergent individual myself, I take pride in understanding and honoring the way your brain experiences the world. I provide strength-based, neurodiversity affirming treatment that follows the clients interests. I have experienced and often use motion 🤸🏽‍♀️  as a tool for optimizing engagement and attention -strolling on a nature trail🍂, splashing in the pool🏊, swinging at the park🏞️, making up a dance🕺, etc. Research shows that improving attention and engagement leads to quicker learning and improved memory. Attention and engagement combined with self awareness skills are necessary for mastering speech goals across all environments. 

Finding success in your communication is crucial as communication happens everywhere - at work, school, home, practice, clubs, the community, or even on a mountain top🏔️! I provide immersive speech services by working with you and your family to practice communication skills for the settings and activities that you love and spend the most time doing. I will use your strengths and passions to help build a care plan that moves you to being your best communicator and allows you to access your activities of daily living.

Thank you for taking the time to read and learn about Venture Speech. I hope that our paths cross soon! 🌲

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